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Openhearted Fireworks

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Openhearted Fireworks

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For a sparkling holiday season and a dynamite New Year

After a lavish meal, pleasant time together and the usual traditions, it’s time for something new. Treat yourself, your friends and your family to a fresh new perspective on the holidays. These intriguing questions and tasks give you the opportunity to share your dreams, ideas and resolutions with each other for a sparkling good time. A great way to ring in the New Year with a bang!

More than a hundred questions and tasks invite you to celebrate the holidays in an inspiring new way. Start the new year happy, satisfied and full of confidence!

Take turns drawing a card and completing the question or task, such as:

• Describe your ideal winter holidays. Who’s there, where are you, and how are you spending your time?

• Everyone writes down their nicest or most original New Year’s wish, folds up the paper and puts it with the others in a bag or bowl. One by one, each person pulls out a wish and reads it to the group. Can you all guess who wrote which wish?

• You may wake up tomorrow with a hangover. Who has the best tip for curing it?

• What are you definitely going to leave behind in the year that’s ending, and what are you definitely going to take with you into the new one?

• Who do you miss the most right now?

These and many other questions and tasks will prompt surprising answers, serious contemplations, new discoveries, fireworks—and, above all, hours of enjoyment together. The holidays will never be the same!

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